Our Remy, Rescued

If there’s one thing a lot of us in this world have in common, is a love for animals.
While we may not all like the exact same ones – spiders, snakes, birds, even dogs or cats – whether it be down to preferring one over the other, having allergies be a factor, or just having a fear of the creature. We have our preferences, but we still love animals.

With our love for animals, there’s most definitely one thing we can all agree on. Hating the scumbags who think it’s okay to mistreat animals. Whether it’s abuse, or just abandoning them because they’re no longer wanted.

Which brings us to days post, on our rescued rat, Remy.
Remy, when rescued

On the 2nd April 2018, we heard that a friend of a friend had found this rat, in a parks car park, at least a half a mile away from any home. Sat there in the pouring rain, looking literally like a drowned rat.

Now, over the years of us having rats, we’ve owned at least 12. We’ve only ever had girls, but over that time we’ve learnt quite a bit, and since taking Remy in, I can say I’ve been learning more, especially when it comes to telling/guessing a rats age.

Once we got to the friend’s house, we got to see how gorgeous this little man was – and by little I mean huge, he’s twice the size of our old girl – Once we picked him up it was pretty easy to tell that he was a boy (trust me, it’s very obvious!)

We got him home and into his new cage, reassuring him that this was his forever home. No matter what the reason he was dumped.

Our boy’s a biter.
There’s been some blood.
We have a lot of gloves now!

He is still very nervous about being picked up or even stroked. Yet he loves the attention, and just wants to play. He’s in awe at the sight of our other rat, Thea, and keeps wanting to see her whenever he can.


While I’m still rocking some healing bite marks, I can’t help but love the little guy. He could be a biter from being mishandled by the previous owners, or it’s just in his nature. We don’t know, but we don’t care. He can try and nibble all he wants, but he’s stuck with us. Sorry, Lil dude. (we’re not sorry!)

Remy’s settled in really well, we’ve discovered he loves a lot of things: cheese, mashed potato, chocolate, dog chocolate, apple, ice cream (that was a funny one to watch)
Not to mention his love to chew, and play with toys.


This is our not so little boy, possibly around 1-year-old (but no more than 1), a hooded dumbo rattie who loves to play. Ours forever and will be spoilt til the very last breath, which we hope is a few years away.
Our Cutie, Remy

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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