Stationery Favourites

Hello everybody!
Today I’ll be going over some of my stationery favourites. While this’ll pretty much consist of a handful of adorable pens I love, I hope you’ll enjoy reading away!

I’m most definitely a notebook hoarder – but that’s pretty common amongst writers – but I do also have a love for my pens and pencils. I can’t resist the cute things okay!

Cute Stationary
Here we have the 5 pens I’ll be showing off today (If you like this, and want more, let me know!)

I got these from a company called Cute Japanese Fashion, which, unfortunately, I have to say are no longer around due to closing in January. But fear not, should you want to get some of these for yourself, I’ve seen a few stationery and Japanese fashion/accessory related sites sell this! A few minutes of searching will help you find what you’re after!

Two of these pens are classed as gel pens, while the other three are just normal pens. While saying this, I think all of them are very similar, if not the same when it comes to the quality of the ink.

One reason I’ve loved using these is purely because of how easy they are to write with. They flow nicely and just glide across the paper. No scribbling in a corner trying to get some ink out of the pen!

Cute Stationary, CatsCute Stationary, Cactus

The three ‘normal ink’ pens, such cute yet simple designs.
Out of the three I definitely go for one of the cats more, but I love staring at their expressions (which you can’t deny, are adorable as all hell!)

DSC_0034EDITCute Stationary, black cat

The two gel pens. If it didn’t specify on the store that these were in fact gel pens, I probably would’ve presumed they were pretty much the same as the previous three – just slightly more ink to them. 

Either way, they all glide beautifully and make my usual pens look like utter rubbish. (Sorry pens!)

All 5 of them are completely straight and round, which makes them comfortable to hold. This is a huge importance to me when it comes to writing with a pen (or pencil) as some can hurt my hand when I write, which with certain health issues, can cause pains in my hand which is never fun.

It’s safe to say, when these finally run out I’ll definitely be on the hunt for more. I do wonder if they have them in other colours, not just black. But that’ll be a future stationary hunt!

Each pen was £1-£1.50. Such a great price for cute little pens!

That’s all I’ve got for you today! I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some stationery items I love. When it comes to note-taking and such I do prefer pen to paper overwriting on technology, there’s just something about it which works ten times better for me!

Do you have any favourite/go-to stationery items? Or are you more of a notebook hoarder? (guilty as charged!)

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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