My Boutique of Molly Bag | AD

This is a collaboration post. Everything stated is my own honest thoughts and opinions.

Hello everybody!

Today, I thought I’d show off my brand new bag which I recently ordered from the lovely store Boutique of Molly (BOM).

Boutique of Molly Bag, Tokyo
This little beauty is called ‘Tokyo’, and is a faux leather bag, which has a metal chain handle meaning you can easily wear it on your shoulder!

This bag definitely grabbed my attention, mainly for my love of Japan, and also because I like black! And boy, I made the perfect choice!

BOM Bag Straps
The chain is simple, but also a very nice design. It can be a little cold to the touch (but we’ve not exactly had nice weather here) and the faux leather definitely gives the chain a nicer look to it, also allowing it to not rattle around or be in any way a pain to hold.

Bag Lock
The bag is also very secure, which I love.
It’s easy to close as it has a simple clasp which you turn either way to lock and unlock.
The inside has two little poppers and a zip which helps keep the bag closed tightly. The inside itself has a beautiful red lining which I wasn’t expecting, but love!

BOM bag inside

BOM is a truly lovely company, and are an absolute pleasure to talk to and work with! So much so, if you’re interested in purchasing Tokyo (Sells for £30!) or even anything else from their site, you can save some money with this little discount code: SURVIVING20

I hope you enjoy looking at BOM‘s site. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a 20% off if you go to purchase anything! (Which, by the way, I’d love to know what you get if you do!)

This has been a little show off for my lovely new bag.
What kind of clothing/accessories do you like to own/purchase?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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