Nipple Covers – A bra haters best friend

Hello everybody!
Yes, you read the title correctly! Today we’re talking about a fantastic invention. Nipple covers. Which is basically a sticker to cover your nips.

Yes, we’re talking about this today, so let’s go!
Nipple Covers

As much as I love going bra free (I know I’m not alone when I can say how uncomfortable/painful bras are!) there are just certain times where I’d rather not risk my nipples showing through – did I mention we’re getting a lil personal here today?

Whether it be a work meal, a dress up event, or anything where it would just seem a bit off – or leave you feeling uncomfortable – to have them showing, these are a huge help.
Nipple Cover close up

This is what they look like, they’re soft to the touch and when they’re on, you cannot feel them at all. I’ve spent an entire day wearing them only to forget they’re there.
If you can see by the image, the back of the flower has a line running down the centre. This here shows the paper you peel off to see the sticky backing. the centre is a soft, non-sticky part which protects those nips of yours.

Remember that jumpsuit I wore in the BlackBetty haul? When wearing that out for a day, I had these on too and the comfort was pure bliss.
Nipple Covers 

While there is definitely nothing wrong with being bra/nipple cover free, it’s just sometimes, for our own comfort, it’s nice to know we’re covered with something good.

Now for those of you wondering, this were dirt cheap, I got a pack of them from my local Tiger store, and I know I’ll be back for more. For £2, they’re worth getting for your wardrobe.

Well I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading about nipples today! This post was quite fun to write up, I must admit. Also, incase you’re interested: these are painless when it comes to removal. Peel them off, in the bin, you’re done.

That’s all I have for you today!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial

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2 thoughts on “Nipple Covers – A bra haters best friend

  1. I use these all the time! They are a life saver when wearing low cut dresses and shirts, and when I want to feel more “free” haha. These, and bralettes are amazing. No more underwire!

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