My March

March for me, has been my first full month of blogging. It’s been exciting and it’s been slightly challenging and even the odd bit of disappointment. But we’ll get into that!

During March I got my first ever collaboration, with the lovely company Black Betty. The review came out on Tuesday which you can all get a read on! (and finding that discount code too!) I was so excited to get the opportunity and so pleased I found a company who sells amazing clothing – I keep going back to look!

Subscription box disappointments.
During the month I decided to add a new subscription box to my current go to, to hopefully review on the blog (you guys seemed to love my first Witch Casket review!) but to my dismay, I was definitely let down by the box. If you want to hear more on this, I could happily write up my thoughts and feelings about it.
Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

Needing to upgrade.
So my laptop was starting to get old. It was a couple of years old, and still worked pretty well (hell, it’s still decent now) but, one main thing I use my computer for – other than writing – is playing games, mainly with my partner.
Unfortunately, our go-to games were no longer working, meaning we weren’t able to have as much fun online like we usually would. What with my computer liking to try and overheat from time to time, it seemed I was definitely in need of an upgrade – and I wanted one which will last me a long time.

My computer and monitor cost me more than I originally planned to spend (slightly over £1,200 – thank you, savings!) but I couldn’t be happier. I’m not the most tech person, so I barely understand most of the computer specs and details, so I have my tech family members to thank for their help in researching, and final touches on setting up (I helped set up!!) The results are incredible, and I’m still trying to adjust to having a 24″ monitor! Now to save up again…

Posting more often on social media.
This month I really decided it was best to try and set social media goals, expand my audience and reach out to more bloggers. While I’m still working on the reaching out part (I am socially awkward, hate small talk, and never really know what to talk about in general. Help?!) I’m definitely working hard on adding to my Instagram and twitter numbers!


Okay, my shameless plug is done, but I would love to connect with fellow creatives!

While other than those, there wasn’t too much else during my March. My parents and I redid our kitchen, so it’s nice and new for the first time in… well, since before I was born! So if you’re interested in any food-related videos, let me know!

I’ve also been experimenting with making backdrops and I’ve been loving the results! Interested? Comment below!
Lauren Graham - Talking as fast as I can

Thank you so much for joining me, and hearing about my March.
How was your March? Do you have any goals for April?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial

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