BlackBetty Clothing Review | AD

This is a sponsored post. Although I was asked to review this brand, everything I say is my own genuine thoughts and opinions on the brand and products.

Hello everybody! Today, I am very excited to share with you my first sponsored post on the lovely company BlackBetty.

Now before we get into the clothing, let me give you some details on the company so you can get to know some more about them, including why I chose to work with them!
(pst! Make sure you stick around to find something for you!)

So, who are BlackBetty?

BlackBetty are a clothing brand who sells high street clothes at a huge discount! The branded clothing is usually sold at 70-90% off, meaning we can get those discounts on the items we love the look of!
Now, in case you’re wondering “surely the clothing is going to be tacky?” I can promise you this: it isn’t. 

It’s common for brands to have excess stock that they can’t sell, so, BlackBetty buy leftover stock from them, which allows them to sell it for such a big discount!

The first thing I did when my clothing arrived, was first, admire at how soft the items felt, and then thoroughly check each one for any loose threads, tiny holes, or anything that would indicate it being tacky in any way, and guess what? I found nothing.

I had the pleasure of receiving 4 items from BlackBetty, a jumpsuit, a dress, and two shirts, and I cannot wait to finally show them off to you, as well as sharing the amazing price tags!
Let’s get going!

Sleeveless V neck A-line dress
UK 12 | Black | £6.95

Let’s be real, almost every girl wants to find her little black dress, and I think, right now, this is my little black dress. It’s so comfy to wear, I feel incredibly cute in it, and I can’t wait to find a reason to wear it!

I think it sits nicely on me and would pair beautifully with a cardigan, or just some clothing item to wear over my shoulders, should I need it.

Black round collar top with hanky half sleeves
M | Black | £2.75

This shirt is light and flowy, I wore it out one evening and I was sad to take it off once I was getting ready for bed. The bigger sleeves make me want to keep my arms raised to the sides just to make them move, but that’s just me being my weird-loving self.
Black flowly shirt

I’ve had quite a few compliments from family on this shirt, and I’ve enjoyed being able to show it off. It pairs nicely with jeans or leggings, so you’re not at all limited when trying to pair this with something!

Spotty flowy T-shirt
M | Grey | £2.75
Grey shirt

This shirt is made to be snugger on the arms, but baggier on the torso. As you can see from the photos I prefer wearing it with the sleeves slightly above my elbows as it sits just below them, leaving it in that slightly awkward position (anyone else like this? Or am I being weird again?) While the previous shirt could be worn for more dress-up things, I definitely believe I’ll be wearing this one on a day to day basis.

Sleeveless jumpsuit with wrap front, ankle length
M | Black | £5.95

I actually wore this to work recently, we had a dress-up event for the kids, and of course, I was dressing up too. I have never been more comfortable in my entire life. This jumpsuit looks beautiful on and fits so well, I could rave about it forever. This is by far my favourite piece of the mini haul, and I’ll be finding any excuse to keep wearing it.

Now, for those of you wondering, “Well what’s in it for me?!”
Well, other than incredible clothing, at cheap rates, I’m here to let you get some clothing even cheaper!

That’s right! You heard me!

If you want to get some clothing off of BlackBetty, you can use this code to get 20% off of your first order!

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed this post. Planning on checking out BlackBetty? let me know! I’d also love to hear if you chose to buy anything! Remeber to use the discount code above for extra savings on your clothes!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial

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