Dr Botanical’s Coffee Exfoliator Review

I received this item for free (excluding shipping) but I was neither asked nor requested to review the item. Everything I say is my own thoughts and opinions on the product.

Hello everybody! Today’s the day I finally get round to reviewing Dr Botanicals Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator! Yeah, I thought it’d be best to shorten the name for the title. It was a mouthful to read, and write!

Before we get in, let me tell you a bit about Dr Botanicals.

Dr Botanicals is a brand which works to be 100% natural. They’re cruelty free AND vegan (bonus points for those of you who only shop products like this, or those who try to – like me) They’re London based and have been going since 2012.

Now, into the review:

Ordering the product and packaging.

I’ve realised over the last month, that I am someone who has become far more interest in skincare than makeup – Don’t get me wrong, I still love makeup, but you can’t get the best application without the best base! Plus I recently hit my 20’s so now I’m really diving into my anti-aging options (prevention is key!) so I was very excited to try a brand which was cruelty free and vegan.
While I am a meat eater (no shaming on this blog, thank you!) I do try to purchase products which are in fact cruelty free, and if I can recommend a brand to someone who sticks to cruelty free and/or vegan, then I’ve done something good!

When I first placed my order, I never received the shipping email. Confirmation and paypal receipt: yes. Shipping: no. I gave it about 2-3 weeks before contacting them, asking where my order was, (I am always nervous if an order will arrive when it’s my first time ordering from anywhere) They got back to me, I received a shipping order, and within 7ish days, my order arrived. I’m presuming they sent another out, but either way, I finally got my product.

My first thoughts were on the packaging. Before I’d even opened the box I was examining, and well, slightly judging…
The lid of the box was open, and the cardboard itself seemed like it had been damaged (as shown in the photo below) Now, I completely understand that this could’ve happened during shipping, the lid opening, I’m not so sure.

Dr Botanicals Packaging

Other than that, the packaging is simple, but effective. I am one who prefers packaging like this, especially when all the information on it is easy to find and read.

Dr Botanicals Packaging

The product itself

I’ve been testing this out for a few weeks now (albeit a few times per week – no more than 3 – I have had a good test with this) and I’ve had a few thoughts, concerns, and likes.

The item itself goes for £14.99, so when I saw the actual size of the product, I was shocked. I thought it was rather small for the money (although, after giving it thought. They are cruelty free, vegan, and 100% natural, so it’ll most likely cost a bit more) but since using it, I’ve realised you get quite a bit for your money. You don’t need a lot to cover your face and neck, so this will last you a few months.
Dr Botanicals Coffee Scrub

Dr Botanicals recommend that you keep it stored in a fridge, so that’s what I’ve done from the start. It has a lovely soothing feeling when you apply it to your face.

Now, be warned when I say, this has a very strong coffee smell once it’s on your face. “Really? A coffee exfoliator? Smells like coffee?” Yes. I know, but I mean it smells stronger than I thought I would. If you’re a coffee fan, you’ll probably love this. While I’m not personally a fan of coffee, I was fine with the smell, but it wasn’t on my face for too long.

My one main complaint on the product is just how big the granuals are. I’m used to using exfoliators which have micro-beads in. But this could just be down to personal preference.
When rubbing this across my skin, a yellow layer becomes evident, the first time this happened I was panicked it’d stain, but it washes off with ease.
After my first use, my skin (which, for the record, is acne prone) started to break out even more than usual. I very nearly stopped using it all together. It only did that the once, and since has worked really well.

I love following this up with a facial oil, eye cream, and moisturiser to give me smooth feeling skin. Which is what I’ll most likely be doing in a minute, once I’ve finished writing this!

Would I recommend this?

If the price doesn’t put you off, then yes, absolutely! I think it’s a great addition to a persons skincare routine.
You can find the product on their site! Happy shopping!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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