Witch Casket’s March Box

So it is my favourite time of the month again, the time where my Witch Casket arrives! You all seemed to love reading last months so I decided to do it again! Only with a few changes.

Witch Casket is UK based, and as someone who is also living in the UK, I can get my casket two-three days after it’s been shipped. I realised that if anyone still waiting on their casket saw my post and got an in-depth read on what they were getting, it may spoil the excitement of seeing the items like I get every month.

So instead, I’ll be showing some photos of the box, but not going into detail on what each item is, more of a mini showcase! Please let me know just what you think of this layout, and which version you prefer!

This  month’s theme was Earth due to it being March, and the start of spring (well,  supposedly – looking at you snow!)

Grow Your Own Magick Plant Pot

I’m a fan of gardening, I just need to get the garden finished so I can get stuff growing! So I am excited to get this seeds going!

March Witch Casket

Tea drinking in the garden anyone? Or perhaps incense and candles?

Teacakeart print

This is my fourth teacakeart print since subscribing to Witch Casket, they’re beautiful and never disappoint.

March Casket

What do you like to do when it comes to nature? Do you garden? Take walks? Or just find ways to enjoy the weather? Tell me in the comments!

This was my first attempt at a slightly different subscription box layout, again I’d love to know if you preferred this way or not!

Until next time!
Surviving Millennial.

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