8 Things To Do More Often

There are always things you can do to improve day to day, whether it be something small or something big, it can easily lift your mood or help you out in the future. So here’s a list of a few things I think people (and myself, if I’m not doing it already) should do more often.

Buy those flowers/plants you like
If you have a spare vase, or just want to brighten up a room then go for it. A small bouquet tends to cost only a couple of quid so why not? If it brings even a slight smile to your face when you walk into your room and see them, then they’re definitely worth the purchase.

Treat yourself every now and then
While I wouldn’t recommend to do this constantly (unless you have the money, then go you!) it is good to reward/treat yourself for things! Whatever it be, be it a skin treatment, a snack, that new makeup or clothing piece you’ve been dying to get, or even a meal or drinks out with friends, everyone deserves a treat. So make the most of it.

Save Money
Yes, I’m aware this one clashes with the previous one, but, saving money is such a good thing. If I’m not saving up for something specific then I’ll save that money for “emergencies” (something I use frequently breaks, payments I need to make, etc) or, just for the sake of saving for my future, (driving lessons, house deposit, all those good old adulthood things) It’s always a reassuring feeling to me knowing I have something aside in case anything ever happened.

Time in the sun
Being in the sun for at least 10 minutes a day is one way to boost your Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps with things such as: maintaining health of your bones and teeth while also supporting your brain, immune and nervous system. Plus with being outside, you are actually able to get some fresh air – and that is never a bad thing.

Stepping away from negativity
It is so easy to find yourself surrounded by negativity, especially when you’re on the internet. You can find people hating on a person or group of people for no reason other than they just don’t like them. There is no reason to give someone death threats or bully them, whether it be in person or cyber. So step away from the negativity and find yourself a community of positive and loving people. The more peace we spread the better we can be in this world. We can’t afford to let the hatred win.

Explore and Create
Feed your adventurous and creative sides. Allow yourself to be expressive and see new things. Exploring can be as simple as visiting a new food place within your local town, or just wander the streets while taking in the world around you. These days we miss so much being glued to technology, don’t let it take too much of the actual world away.
Create art at local groups, or even using an old pencil and scrap paper at home. Creativity can feed the soul in so many ways, find what you like, and embrace it.

Even if it’s just some basic exercises, or just some stretches in the morning. Exercise is so good for you! Exercise increases the production of endorphins within your body, which helps to make you overall feel better and positive. Exercise also gives you more energy – the more energy you have, the more motivated you’ll be to get stuff done! Exercising has a lot of benefits that you can easily read about online, so why not find something simple and start including it into your routine?

Count Your Blessings
while you don’t have to do this everyday, (you can just do it from time to time) counting your blessings is something I think everyone should try doing. Why? Because you’re alive, you’re up and living in this world. Even when you feel your worst, being able to count your blessings and see just what you have, and what you can appreciate. Even if your lists consist of “I woke up today” or “I have a roof over my head” they are things that you are able to do and have. You don’t even have to write a long list, I personally like to write three points, and I tend to do this when I remember, but the more I remember and do it, the more I’ll have over time.

So here have been my few tips on things I personally think people should do more often. Although I don’t do all of them yet I do what I can do to as many as possible, as often as possible.

This post, for me, was a very different styled one compared to what I’ve written so far, so if you’ve enjoyed it, please let me know by showing your support through sharing, liking, or any of that good stuff. I’m always looking to step farther away from my comfort zone!

Until next time!
Surviving Millennial.

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