5 Places I’d Like To Visit (Internationally)

One thing I’d love to do more in my life is travel. There is just so much of the world I’d love to see and explore. So I thought today I’d do a quick post on 5 places I most definitely would like to see!

1) Japan
Japan is somewhere I need to visit and see at least once in my life. I have such a huge love for the country yet I’ve never been.

Currently I’m trying to study Japanese so I can speak, read, and maybe even write it. I would love to see Tokyo and Kyoto, go to Harajuku station is also a must. I love cherry blossoms and I need to be able to say I’ve seen their cherry blossom festival at least once.

There is so much of Japan I’d love to learn more of. I feel like I have such a high expectation of the place, but at the same time, I’m willing to bet it will not disappoint.

2) Amsterdam
Amsterdam was never really somewhere I was bothered about visiting, until I read the fault in our stars, hearing how they described Amsterdam in spring, just made me want to see it. I think I would most likely want to visit during spring, but even if I got to spend a day exploring it, I think I’d be happy at the end of the trip.

3) Paris, France
I was never really someone who wanted to visit the city of love, but over the last few years, it has become somewhere I’d like to spend some time in. Whether it be with friends or my partner. A long weekend is how long I think we’d end up staying, spending that time to just get lost and enjoy.

4) Canada
I have family members and also family friends who live in various parts of Canada, so it’s always been mine and my parents goal to one day get over to Canada to see the place, and visit them. I’d definitely like to be able to see the areas they live in, and perhaps see some of Toronto too.

5) Seoul, South Korea
If there’s one thing I’m intrigued about when it comes to South Korea, is their skincare. Their flawless skin continues to amaze this acne-prone girl. I’ve always joked that if I went to Seoul, I’d come back with a suitcase full of face masks. Yeah, “joked”. I need all the skincare from there.

While my main reason for going would be for the skincare and face masks, I would love to look around the place, see what day to day life is like there and maybe even do some clothes shopping (then more face masks, obviously) But I feel like it would be a place I’d definitely enjoy visiting and maybe want to visit again.

Where are some places you’d like to visit? I’d love to hear about them!

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