My February

Hello lovelies!

Now, I don’t know about you, but February for me, has been rather exciting and also rather courageous (she says with one foot out of her comfort zone) and I thought I’d share just how its all been.

Launching My Blog
So this blog was something I’ve been working on through January-February, and it officially launched on the 12th Feb. The last ten minutes before it published were absolutely terrifying. I was so nervous, while also fighting down a panic attack as I spotted things I didn’t like/had to change last minute that I was beginning to question why I even wanted to do this.
But I am beyond glad I did, through social media I’ve met some incredible bloggers, who are so supportive and sweet that it makes this journey even more fantastic.
Doing this was a humongous step out of my comfort zone, and I’m so glad I went with it. I cannot wait to see what the future holds with blogging, and just how much I’ll be able to develop other skills around it.

Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour
Now, I have already blogged about this so I’ll keep it short.
The experience I had at this show left me lifted, it gave me so much enjoyment that I felt so happy for the next 24 hours. It still fells like it was only yesterday I went to see the show. It is one that I will treasure forever.

This month we’ve been completing house projects and also started a (soon to be finished) new one. With this I’ve been inspired to plan out an organizing mini-series for decluttering a room and wardrobe – two things I still need to do.
While it isn’t the most fun task, it’s been rewarding to see the projects finally be completed.

Developing Skills
With starting a blog, it’s obvious that if you stick with it, you’ll develop skills such as writing, (the obvious one) photography, and editing. While I’m currently using free photo editors I can find, I have been working on my photography skills,
Cherry blosson lamp

While I don’t remember how to use my camera in manual (not yet, at least) I’ve been taking various photos, whether it be for fun or for the blog. Seeing what I do and don’t like, seeing what I need to work on. I’ve also been reading fellow bloggers posts about taking better photos to try and learn a thing or two!

This has been my February, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading up on it.
How was your Feb? What posts are you looking forward to reading here? I’d love to chat in the comments or through social media!

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