Recommended Reads

Now I don’t know about you, but I definitely like to sit and read a good book… from time to time. I’m the type of person who you’ll see read a whole series in a week and then not touch a book for four months, but, when I get into a reading frenzy I just love grabbing a cup of tea, said book, and just crashing. Pure bliss.

Unless it’s a really disappointing book then god help me…

But today! We’re ignoring the bad books, and getting into some that I love and think you should give a go!
My go-to genre is definitely crime. I love reading a good crime novel, and I’m always trying to figure out who the killer is before the protagonist does. Although I have a big love for crime novels, I’ve kept the list as broad as possible.

So let’s get started!

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Dr Botanical’s Coffee Exfoliator Review

I received this item for free (excluding shipping) but I was neither asked nor requested to review the item. Everything I say is my own thoughts and opinions on the product.

Hello everybody! Today’s the day I finally get round to reviewing Dr Botanicals Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator! Yeah, I thought it’d be best to shorten the name for the title. It was a mouthful to read, and write!

Before we get in, let me tell you a bit about Dr Botanicals.

Dr Botanicals is a brand which works to be 100% natural. They’re cruelty free AND vegan (bonus points for those of you who only shop products like this, or those who try to – like me) They’re London based and have been going since 2012.

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Witch Casket’s March Box

So it is my favourite time of the month again, the time where my Witch Casket arrives! You all seemed to love reading last months so I decided to do it again! Only with a few changes.

Witch Casket is UK based, and as someone who is also living in the UK, I can get my casket two-three days after it’s been shipped. I realised that if anyone still waiting on their casket saw my post and got an in-depth read on what they were getting, it may spoil the excitement of seeing the items like I get every month.

So instead, I’ll be showing some photos of the box, but not going into detail on what each item is, more of a mini showcase! Please let me know just what you think of this layout, and which version you prefer! Continue reading “Witch Casket’s March Box”