Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour

“Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier…”

Okay, I couldn’t resist. But I’m willing to bet if you know him, you read it in his voice!

22nd February, 2018 I had the upmost pleasure of being able to attend the Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall, and I would most definitely like to share my (spoiler free!) experience!
Now, I say ‘spoiler free’ because they still have a few shows left to do, and also, I don’t want to be giving away their shows plot or go too in-depth on what they did.

Now, for those of you who may not know,
Markiplier's You're Welcome Tour Shirt
From left to right, we have:
Tyler, Bob, Mark, Wade, and Ethan.

They’re all present on social media, and also mainly found on either YouTube or Twitch (and for some of them, both!)
They’re also the 5 who performed the show, (The show lasted two hours, but that includes the interval)

When we arrived, and were seeing all the people going to their seats, there was actually an incredible range of people attending. I’ll be honest in saying I expected it to be filled with teenagers. But it wasn’t. I saw adults (much older than me) attending on their own, kids and younger teens with their parents and friends, as well as teenagers. I think there were more adolescents and young adults compared to the younger years.

Markiplier's You're Welcome Tour Ticket and Paddle
Tour ticket and the red side of the paddle

Now, the show itself: It was bloody phenomenal.
I loved every single second of it. They had paddles which had a red and a green side (with Mark’s logo on) for all the audience members so we were actually able to participate in the show. Every time we needed to vote, the house lights went up so the guys on stage could actually see us and who we were voting for. Simple, but highly effective.

The opening of the show started us off with laughter, what they had used to show them together on the tour was both sweet and funny – although mainly funny.

It was so good being able to actually see them on stage in front of me.
I’ve never met a youtuber in person before, let alone see one, so to see 5 at once was just… It was beyond words to explain it.
Markiplier's You're Welcome Tour

Now, if you do follow their channels, especially Mark’s, you’ll know that they’ve posted some improv videos before.
Some of this was taken and used in the show itself, Mark would go ask an audience member to give them their prompt for the scene (given on the theme from the start) and then they’d go from there. My favourite had to be Change, I love re-watching that video so to see it live, I was just over the moon!

Now, your girl here loves a musical. And the musical part they added, I need to try sometime. It looks so creative, and a real improv challenge. I would need to get back into music to be able to have the musical input, so hey, maybe a future project?

The audience participation was so much fun to watch. One person was so nervous, I could see them shaking, but despite that they still did fantastic on stage. Seeing the guys interact with them was just so pure and brilliant, they got them involved, energized and even more excited to be on the stage – yeah, I may have been slightly envious, but I was still beyond happy for the people on stage to experience what they did. That is something they’ll no doubt remember forever.

I think the only complaint I had about the show, wasn’t even about the show itself. Unfortunately I had an annoying teenager two seats to my left, who thought it was perfectly fine to keep talking, loudly, during the show.
Yes, the show contained audience participation: cheering, screaming, answering their question. But all she was doing was trying to talk whether we were participating or not, I mean, you’re excited I get that, so was I, but I knew to appreciate the show and not just have a conversation. So please, next time: shut up.

If there were any chance that any of the YWT team were reading this, I’d just want to say:
Thank you, for giving us such a good show. Your hard work and dedication truly showed through.
Watching the show, it didn’t feel like I was watching a group of youtubers, it honestly felt like I was watching a show containing five of my friends, who I went to watch and support. You gave us such a good laugh, and an incredible time, I will honestly treasure it.

That’s all I have for today,
Thank you for giving it a read, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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