Witch Casket’s February Box

Today I am highly excited to be talking about this months Witch Casket subscription box!

Now, for those of you who may have not heard of Witch Casket before, they’re a witch-themed subscription box, costing only £27 a month, which started in November 2016. I myself personally have been subscribed to them for six months now, this box being No.6.

Witchcasket's complete contents

Like with every box, you get a lovely note explaining the box’s theme and also a list of contents, with each box you usually get an art print, a gemstone, a spell, and incense, as well as other items, be it from a supplier, or Witch Casket exclusive!

Items within the casket which aren’t mentioned within the photos below:
•Pentacle Necklace from Curiology
Witch Casket candle snuffer
•’Mirror, Mirror’ Badge
These are all fantastic items, the badge is so simple yet adorable. The Pentacle necklace is iridescent, and gives off the most beautiful colour in the light.
Now, I’ve seen candle snuffers before, but never really gave any thought to buy one, so I am definitely excited to give this a try the next time I light a candle or two!

Teacakeart Print, Chevron Amethyst, Affirmation Deck

Now, I always look forward to the art print within each box, I currently have mine on my bedroom wall in an almost collage. Being able to add a new print to the wall is always something which puts a smile on my face. This month’s is no difference, especially given that it’s 1- A tarot card, and 2- Has amethyst on it. If there’s one thing you’ll know about me, it’s my love for amethyst.

Which brings me onto the next item, the chevron amethyst. It’s beautiful, I love it, and it is already on display with my past boxes tumble stones and also my raw amethyst crystal – At this rate I’m going to need a crystal shelf! (definitely not a bad idea!)

The Affirmation Cards. Now, despite all the incredible items within this box, the Affirmation cards had to be both mine, and Momma’s favourite item. Once I get my desk slightly more organised, these will be on the desk for whenever I need an affirmation or two. The design is simple, yet eye catching. They’re easy to hold, and also easier to rest in my hand compared to my tarot deck. I know I cannot wait to use them, and may even use them just for the sake of doing so, whether I actually need an affirmation or not.

Meditating eye mask, Blue lady loose leaf tea, Relaxing incense

Blue lady loose leaf tea.
I’ve received a few different teas within the boxes over the past half a year, and while I admit I’ve yet to try them all (I’m a tea lover, who owns too much tea, okay!) we have been curious as to what colour this tea will be. We haven’t even thought about the possible tastes, nope, we just want to know: Will my tea be blue?

Eye mask.
“Let me be… I’m meditating” eye mask. While slightly tight around my face (but in no way uncomfortable! Just extra snug!) it is a lovely mask, I am looking to get back into meditating, and will be giving this a go to see if it helps enhance my meditation experience.

Relaxing Incense.
A blend of cardamom, cedar wood, and patchouli. Through the box it smells divine. I’m pretty certain I’m going to enjoy this, as I’ve used a patchouli incense cone from a past box before and the entire household smelt absolutely divine. So we are all very excited.

Meditation eye mask, Blue lady loose leaf tea, self-love bath/shower potion

Self-Love bath/shower potion.
I am a lover of the smell of lavender. I even hope to one day get a garden growing and learn to grow my own! This is most definitely going to be something I’ll be fighting momma over to use the most – she loves witch casket just as much as I do!
I only received my box this morning, so being yet to shower, I unfortunately cannot comment on how well it works, but my god the smell. Just incredible.

Self-love bath/shower potion, good witch keyring, self-love ritual kit, parchment scroll

‘Dress yourself in magick’ parchment scroll.
This scroll contains ways to incorporate more magick into your life, just from simple ways. The scrolls are something I love collecting from each box, and hope to one day obtain a storage box or basket to store all my witchy goodies in. Having a collection of these scrolls do make me feel like I should belong within the Wizarding World…

Good Witch Key ring.
When I first saw the item, it was kind of hard to read the writing, but I admit I was opening the box in poor lighting. This is such a cute and dainty key ring, which is already attached to my key – I just couldn’t wait, okay! I love it and can’t wait to carry it where I go.

Self-Love ritual kit.
Witch Casket always include a spell of some form within each box. Given that this month’s theme was self-love they created a spell specifically for that.
Having a brief look at the spell, it is one which involves meditation and some dried flowers (I won’t go into detail on the spell, as it is not my own creation) I feel like this spell would pair quite nicely with their ‘New beginnings’ spell which came in the January (I believe…) Casket.

And this is the box! Witch Casket is a subscription box I would recommend to anyone into Witch or Gothic things, I absolutely love the boxes and get so excited the week building up to it’s arrival (My box usually arrives 2 days after shipping!)
Want to check out Witch Casket for yourself? Check them out here!
(This is not sponsored, I just love them!)
This is a review I hope to do monthly now my blog is up and running, any other subscription boxes you’d like to see? Tell me in the comments!

Thank you for checking out my post! I’ll see you in the next one!

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