2018 Goals

This year, I’d definitely like to do my all and make it my year. I’m fed up of coming towards NYE and looking back on the year thinking “Where did it all go?” “How much did I actually do?” “Did I really waste that much time?”

While it already seems a bit late in the year to be deciding my new year goals, I am someone who tends to not properly plan/start my goals until a few weeks into the new year.

Why? Well, it just seems to work for me.
I feel more determined with my goals, the whole “I already failed my resolutions” scene is already passing by now which makes me feel ready to give it my own go. Continue reading “2018 Goals”


Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour

“Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier…”

Okay, I couldn’t resist. But I’m willing to bet if you know him, you read it in his voice!

22nd February, 2018 I had the upmost pleasure of being able to attend the Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall, and I would most definitely like to share my (spoiler free!) experience!
Now, I say ‘spoiler free’ because they still have a few shows left to do, and also, I don’t want to be giving away their shows plot or go too in-depth on what they did. Continue reading “Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour”

Witch Casket’s February Box

Today I am highly excited to be talking about this months Witch Casket subscription box!

Now, for those of you who may have not heard of Witch Casket before, they’re a witch-themed subscription box, costing only Β£27 a month, which started in November 2016. I myself personally have been subscribed to them for six months now, this box being No.6. Continue reading “Witch Casket’s February Box”

My January

January 2018 for me, personally, has been a bit of a strange one.

Over the Christmas period I worked a temp job Chaperoning the kids who were involved with the local panto show. The whole thing, rehearsals and show days, were just an absolutely incredible experience for me. I honestly loved it so much.
The job consisted of me working six days a week, as we always had one day off, and the job didn’t end until December 31st. After that, I had a week before I was back at my part-time job, which gave me a huge adjustment period. Continue reading “My January”