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Peel Off Blackhead Mask Review

Hello everybody!
Today I’ll be talking about a mask which claims to clear pores and exfoliate your skin.

This is a special edition mask by Sense Beauty. Five packs of peel off blackhead masks costing £1-£2?

Yes please!

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Getting Back Into Using Audible

Hello everybody!
Today, I’ll be talking to you about Audible, my original experience using it and how and why I’m now getting back into it.

For those of you who may not know, Audible is a site where you can listen to books which have been recorded by the author themselves, or by someone who was hired to read the books.

When I first tried Audible

2015 was the first time I tried Audible. My reasons for trying it were to hope I’d get to read — or in this case, listen — more books.
Since my teenage years, I’ve always had an on/off relationship with reading. I could binge read three books and then not read for a year. Which sucked, because I own so many books I’d like to read and enjoy.
I started listening to one book. Couldn’t get into it. Exchanged it for another. Bored by it. In the end, I deleted the app and didn’t get back to it.

Why I got back into Audible

When it comes to blogging, and other writing work. I find that I’m most productive with some form of background noise. Be it streams, music, or audio books.

I thought if I was going to listen to audio books, I needed to find ones I wanted to listen to.

And I’ve found what I want to listen to.

I’ve been genuinely interested in learning about business recently. So I figured the best way to get learning would be to listen to books I may find interesting.

So far, I’ve listened to one — review coming soon — got another to go, and also an autobiography.

And to be completely honest? I’m very much looking forward to starting the next two books.

I can listen through my computer, or download it on my phone and go from there. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I expected to.

Are you a fan of books? Be it physical, digital, or audio. What are you currently reading, or hoping to soon start?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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Tiny Tickers | Charity Feature

Hello everybody, and welcome to today’s Charity Feature!

Today, we’ll be talking about a small charity called Tiny Tickers.

Tiny Tickers is a small charity who has been around since 1999 by a world-renowned fetal cardiologist, Dr Helena Gardiner.
She founded this charity when she realised how many of the babies she cared for could’ve been helped earlier.

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The Body Shop’s Strawberry Smoothing Face Mist | Review

The Body Shop is a brand I’ve never really used for a certain amount of time.
I’ll see a product and perhaps give it a go, or I’ll just hear the name and not give much thought to it.

But recently, I got the chance to be a part of a Body Shop party. We got a catalogue to look through and we could see some of the items they sold in person.

And that’s where I found this…

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99p Hair Oil Review

Taking good care of my hair is something I’m passionate about. I can’t stand it when my hair doesn’t feel lovely and soft — which means I can’t stand using hairspray… Am I the only one?

I don’t see an issue with investing in more costly products, so long as they give results. But I must admit, I was very intrigued when I saw this hair oil selling for only 99p in Home Bargains. Continue reading “99p Hair Oil Review”

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How I Found Blogtober

Hello everybody!
After a short post-blogtober break, I’m finally back with the content. Although let’s be honest, I was lost after no longer needing to stress over the final blogtober posts. I needed to get back to work pronto.

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